Rodo Ibarra & Nick Lesley, Encontro: Springfest 2017
(live at Bread & Salt, Apr. 16th, 2017)

Nakata (Patrick Shiroishi, Paco Casanova) w/Nick Lesley
(live at Bread & Salt, Apr. 2nd, 2017)

Matt Mottel, Kyle Motl, Nick Lesley
(live at Cultura Gallery, Jan. 10th, 2017)

Sometime Ago… (radio-play, with Jenny Seastone-Stern)

Randy Lee Sutherland, Michael McManus, Nick Lesley (live at Issue Project Room)

Ann Adachi, Marie Evelyn, Nick Lesley (live at Issue Project Room)

HAIR JAIL (with Raul de Nieves, Eli Lehrhoff, and Zach Lehrhoff)

PRSMS (unreleased track, with Aleks Prechtl and Daniel Martens)

OMA YANG (with Andy Kortman, Jacob Glenn-Levin, and Dong-Ping Wong)

Ryan Sawyer & Nick Lesley (at Secret Project Robot)

GUNUNG SARI – Bandcamp (with Stanley Ruiz and Michael Dotolo)

FELICIA & COCTOPUS – Bandcamp (with Lilly Nguyen)