NECKING was formed in 2004 and has a freely rotating line-up around a few central members. The surviving core members are Rop Vazquez and Nick Lesley, playing with special guests. Necking plays a hyper-active form of improv noise rock influenced by the hardcore punk from San Diego which they grew up with in the 90s.

Former members and guests include Dong-Ping Wong, Aleks Prechtl, Daniel Martens, Anup Pradhan, Steve Santa-Maria, Josh Graver, Jason Baker, Randy Lee Sutherland, Sean Niel, moreā€¦

By many, electronic sound is considered as a representation of spiritual otherness. Sciences point to a huge universe of things we can never directly experience. Electronic sound is a harnessable signifier of the invisible other; not in a religious sense, but still with spiritual significance.

Voice and percussion can be considered the first musical instruments used by humans (and other species). There is a primeval force in physically hitting something loud or summoning a howl from your gut. Performing these violent and revealing acts with or through electronics implies a spiritual ambition; a goal of transcendence through physical exhaustion; a ritual towards communion with the invisible other by shedding skin and meat.

These are ideas that started Necking. None of this, however, can overshadow the social collaboration of improvised music. Improvisation lends to a more visceral relationship among the players. In the end, the most important thing is playing music with people you know and love.

Neck & Tongue