Curriculum Vitae

Nick Lesley is a musician and media artist who has committed his professional career to facilitating access to artworks for scholarly use and community engagement. As a musician, he primarily plays improvised music on drums and interactive electronics, combining percussion with analog and digital signal processing. Nick has composed music for dance, movie soundtracks, and computer animations by pioneering computer artist Lillian Schwartz. He’s recorded with David Grubbs, performed in Rhys Chatham’s “A Crimson Grail”, and the Boredoms “88 Boa Drum”. In 2012, he curated an exhibition of video art for Lothringer13, in Munich, and he regularly advises on the installation of video and media art work, including the exhibition “Circa 1971” at Dia Beacon (2011-2012). As Distribution Manager at Electronic Arts Intermix, Nick worked closely with artists and art institutions to present video, sound, and other media works appropriately, in ways that preserved the integrity of the work. Having returned to his hometown of San Diego in 2015, Nick now works as Production Manager at San Diego Art Institute, executing multimedia events and installing media artworks for exhibitions. Nick is the Executive Director of SPACE TIME, an organization dedicated to the presentation of time-based art in San Diego.


2005-2008 M.F.A. in Performance and Interactive Media Arts. City University of New York, Brooklyn College.

1997-2001 B.A. in Media Arts (major) and Music Technology (minor). University of California, San Diego.


2016 San Diego Art Institute, exhibition “Scott Nielsen: A Light In Darkness (Variations On A Theme)” (San Diego, CA). Interactive, analog video for installation by Scott Nielsen.

2016 San Diego Art Institute, exhibition “Daniel Barron Corrales: Appropriated Touch” (San Diego, CA). Untitled – sound for installation by Daniel Barron Corrales.

2016 A Ship In The Woods, group exhibition “Flat Earth” (San Diego, CA). The Immaculate Conception of the Multiverse – sound for installation by Melissa Walter.

2016 San Diego Art Institute, “BYOB Video Festival” (San Diego, CA). Feeding Time – live-video interaction.

2016 Noysky Projects, group exhibition “Thunder In Our Hearts” (Los Angeles, CA). Poor Translation – three-channel video.

2015 San Diego Art Institute, group exhibition “Ephemeral Objects” (San Diego, CA). AGGROBATICS – live-score performance for video collaboration with John Dieringer.

2014 MoMA PS1 & Salon 94, screening/performance (NYC). AGGROBATICS (Radio Edit) – live-score performance for video collaboration with John Dieringer.

2014 Spectacle Theater, screening/performance (Brooklyn, NY). AGGROBATICS – live-score performance for video collaboration with John Dieringer.

2012 Lothringer13 (Munich, Germany). Curated exhibition of video art “From the EAI Archive.”

2012 Secret Project Robot, group exhibition “Video Infusion” (Brooklyn, NY). Little Rubber People – video.

2011 .NO Gallery, group exhibition “Tempo II” (NYC). Little Rubber People – video.

2011 .NO Gallery, group exhibition “Tempo I” (NYC). Meditations on Existence and Abandonment of Order – video.

2010 Brewer’s Mansion, solo exhibition (Brooklyn, NY). EPIC DOOM – interactive video/sound installation.

2009 Play With Fire Video Art Festival, group exhibition (NYC). Epic Doom (Black Metal City) – interactive video/sound installation and panel discussion.

2009 Wassaic Project, group exhibition (Wassaic, NY). Family Fun Single Channel Summer Censor – video.

2009 Monkey Town, screening (Brooklyn, NY). Dreaming in Cartoon Pornography – four-channel video.

2009 Ruffin Gallery, group exhibition (Charlottesville, VA). Leaves Interlaced – video.

2008 Over The Office, collaborative exhibition (Brooklyn, NY). Church of the Rough Guide – video/sound installation in collaboration with Eben Lillie.

2007 AdHoc Art Space, group exhibition (Brooklyn, NY). The Duplication of Lost Objects / Salvation of an Amphitheatre – interactive video/sound installation.


2016 Music for 18 Musicians, Plus 4 Drummers, Minus 18 Musicians. Collaborative, improvised interpretation of music by Steve Reich with Leah Bowden, Andrew Munsey, Shannon O’Brien. Conceived by Nick Lesley. San Diego Art Institute (San Diego, CA).

2016 Blind:Deaf IV. Live-score for video by Tiffany Frances. Moxie Theater (San Diego, CA).

2014-2015 AGGROBATICS. Live-score for video by Jon Dieringer. Spectacle Theate, MoMA PS1, Salon 94, and SDAI (Brooklyn, NYC, San Diego).

2013 Sing Sweet Songs of Conviction. Solo and collaborative music performance. Gallery MC (NYC).

2013 Lily’s Sea. Music for computer animation by Lillian Schwartz.

2011 Matter Forming / Particles In Motion. Music and video performance. “Tempo II” at .NO Gallery (NYC).

2010 PaLab electronic music festival. Solo and collaborative electronic music (PA).

2009 Synchro. Streamed music performance, Soundworm in Tokyo vs. Nick Lesley in Brooklyn. Supercore (Brooklyn, NY).

2009 The Crimson Grail. Guitar performance for music by Rhys Chatham. Lincoln Center (NYC).

2008 Power 2. Live-video for performance curated by Lisa Baldini, choreography by Kristina Donello, music by Avarus. Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, NY).

2008 88 Boa Drum. Drum performance for music by The Boredoms. East River State Park (Brooklyn, NY).

2008 Rough Guide to the Grotesque. Multimedia performance, coauthored and produced with Eben Lillie. The Living Theater (NYC).

2007 The Orbis Tertius Ensemble. Collaborative performance of open video score, by Nick Lesley. AdHoc Art Space & The Tank (NYC).

2006 Sometime Ago I Was In Love With A Tree. Music for multimedia dance choreographed by Jenny Seastone Stern.

2006 Accursed Items. Music for dance piece by Andrew Dinwiddie. Galapagos and BAX (Brooklyn, NY).

2006 Aesthetics of Resistance. Percussion for music by David Grubbs.


Necking (since 2004). Improvised performance and recording project for drums, vocals, electronics, and guests.

Mankinda (since 2015). Electro-acoustic free-improvisation with Steve Flato and Alan Jones.


2015 DJ Delusion – Necking (download).
2014 Future Fossil Fuels – Necking (vinyl EP).
2014 Space Tan – Alien Whale (vinyl EP).
2013 Sketches in Free Punk 2011 – Necking (digital album).
2012 Fear Is Not Conscience – Scarcity of Tanks (CD).
2012 Vulgar Defender – Scarcity of Tanks (CD).
2011 Split with DubKnowDub – Necking (cassette).
2010 A Crimson Grail – Rhys Chatham (CD).
2010 Matter Forming – Nick Lesley (CD).
2010 Pick Your Poison – Nick Lesley (DVD).
2010 Live on Tape – Alien Whale (CD and cassette).
2010 Decay NY – PRSMS (7″ vinyl).
2008 Dead Herring – Necking (CD).
2007 That Wanderest Unseen – Gunung Sari (CD).
2007 Invisible Things – Necking (CD).
2007 Goldfish Grow Over Graves – Necking (7″vinyl).
2006 Slamat Trima Bintang – Gunung Sari (CD).
2006 Dentist Heated Foil – Jazzhandzz (CD).
2005 We Accept Party – Necking (CD).
2004 Toure de Force – Felicia & Coctopus (CD).
2004 Celebration Musics Our Folk – Vholtz (3” CD).
2004 Beating Dream – Hale Zukas (CD).
2002 Bang Bang – Oma Yang (CD).
2000 From the Heart of Jumbo Malaria – Oma Yang (CD).
1999 By June or Join Us – Oma Yang (vinyl EP).
1995 Self-Titled – Centrifugal Bumble Puppy (cassette).


2016-current SPACE TIME – Executive Director. Founder of organization dedicated to the creation and presentation of time-based artworks in San Diego.

2015-current San Diego Art Institute – Production Manager. Production for multimedia events, sound engineer, installation of multimedia artworks for exhibition.

2015-current UCSD Music Department – Assistant Event Manager. Production of music performances by graduate students and faculty, sound/lighting engineer.

2007-2015 Electronic Arts Intermix – Distribution Manager. Coordinated purchases and rentals of moving image artworks to major international museums, galleries, and
universities. Advised on installation and presentation of media artworks. Corresponded with media artists about licensing and presentation of their work. Managed distribution staff and interns.

2010 Brickhaus – Video editor, technical assistant, video engineer.

2009 Rubin Museum of Art – AV Assistant, sound/lighting engineer, projectionist, performance documentation.

2009 Kalup Linzy Studio – Technical Assistant. Cinematography and video editing.

2006-2008 Dead Herring – Curator/Manager at underground music venue.

2005 Issue Project Room – Sound Engineer, Assistant Curator.

2001-2004 Amoeba Music – Used-Rock section leader, sales person.

2001 Tri-Coast Studios – Assistant sound engineer.


Multi-Channel Video Installation
Sound Art Installation
Interactive Media Performance and Installation
Physical Interfaces
Collaborative Improvisation
Digital Archiving and Preservation
Educational and Research Access to Digital Archives